Welcoming ike

Russell and Talitha finalized Ike's adoption in September 2023. Talitha shared their journey with us when they started the process of adoption in 2022. Read more about their story....

Talitha knew it was time to grow our family this way. I vowed to give her a place to flourish and this was the next step.

Adoption has been on my heart since I was a teenager. When I became a believer a few years later, I knew that God was the One who had put it on my heart when I heard that He adopts us
into His family when we become believers. I spoke about my dream to adopt one day with my husband, Russell, before we got engaged, so that he would know this was something I felt called to do one day.

Russell wrote this in the family book that we created for potential birth mothers to look at:
“When Talitha and I were dating, she expressed an interest in adopting one day. I was interested in the time, but had no idea what that would look like. Fast forward to when we got married, in our wedding vows, I promised to build Talitha a life where she could flourish. After our second little girl turned one year old (her name is Rosie and she will be an excellent big sister) Talitha said I think it’s time to look at adoption. Talitha knew it was time to grow our
family this way. I vowed to give her a place to flourish and this was the next step.”

God has clearly guided us throughout the whole journey, including leading us to the adoption agency we are using, which we found out about at our church. We were touched by the dignity and love that they treat birth mothers and families with. God has also put many people in our lives that have adopted or are adopted themselves. Many of them are part of our church and Bible study, and others outside of the church. We’re thankful for this community that we can
learn from and grow with.

We are excited and hopeful about the journey ahead and we know that we can trust God as the author of our adoption story.

Big sister drew a picture of her family to welcome baby Ike

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